About Us

30 Years of Service

Wrights ARC have been in business for over 30 years and have built a solid reputation with accident repair in Northern Ireland. We have seen many changes both in repair technology and computerisation.

Whether your insurer wants you to take your vehicle to another repairer or not, you are perfectly entitled to insist on a repairer of your choice. The choice lies with the policyholder – it's what you pay your insurance premiums for.

In our opinion you either repair correctly or you don't. Wrights ARC have consistently chosen the manufacturers' standard repair methods through the years. This has put us in good standing with insurance companies, brokers, fleet companies and the private motorist.

Becoming an approved repairer for leading insurance companies means constant investment in modern equipment.

Wrights ARC have sites in Belfast, Dromore, Dundonald and Newtownabbey.

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